About Fiona Craig's Art

I have been painting and drawing since early childhood. I grew up in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. The natural environment greatly influenced my art making, as can be seen by my landscapes and floral paintings. I am interested in depicting my personal view of and connection with the natural world, whether in nature preserves or gardens.

 Academic and non-academic art and craft courses had much influence on my early artwork, and I developed my own style over time. I was encouraged to make artworks at home by my parents, Alison Craig (a fibre artist and non-academic art teacher of children) and Allan Craig (an architect and potter). I was further encouraged by achieving art awards along the way, and by mentors and academic art teachers including Bill Salmon, Jocelyn Maughan, Phyllis Shillito and Michael Kempson. 

Oil paint is usually my medium of choice, but I also love working in pastels or watercolours. My mixed media works usually comprise watercolours and pastels. My artworks are painted in a contemporary realism style, with some imaginative innovations and painterly, layered and wet-in wet brushstroke techniques. 

The oil paintings are often large, depicting huge, close-up flowers. I am intrigued by the history and language of flowers, which is why I call some of my series 'Tulipomania' and 'Orchid Fever'. I enjoy painting the natural environment and botanical gardens, mainly in Australia and the USA. I also search florist shops for interesting and lovely flowers. Landscapes throughout distinct seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are also very inspirational, particularly the Autumn, Winter and Spring. I hope my paintings arouse an awareness and appreciation of nature in my art audience.

I have had many solo exhibitions (see 'Gallery Representation), participated in group shows and completed commissions. The galleries that represent me have a selection of paintings at all times, as I produce and supply new paintings.


University of Sydney & University of Southern Queensland: Bachelor of Arts (History Class 1 Honours)

East Sydney Technical College Summer Schools in arts Meadowbank TAFE

Shillito Design School

Art workshops: painting, drawing, fibre arts, batik, jewellery, pottery, print-making.

TAFE and university language courses: Spanish, Arabic.